Why You Need A Facelift

The media has pressured the public to achieve the highest beauty standards. Fortunately, clinical advancements have allowed patients to achieve facial rejuvenation and youthfulness through revolutionary treatments like facelifts. Scarsdale facial plastic surgery can comprehensively address any underlying concerns limiting your beauty and restoring your self-confidence.

Can a facelift eliminate signs of aging?

It would help if you collaborated with your clinical provider by providing all the necessary information about skin concerns to get the best treatment recommendations to restore your face’s rejuvenation. One of the most effective treatments clinicians recommend to patients is a facelift. This procedure can help you achieve a youthful appearance because it focuses on causing the repositioning of soft tissues, thus ensuring that you get dramatic results independent of any concerns affecting your self-esteem.

When does facial aging start?

Facial aging can prematurely start if you do not commit to regular skin care habits like sunscreen or scrubbing to eliminate dead skin cells. The wrong diet and drinking less water can also affect how your skin looks. The gravitational effect on facial muscles requires intervention to restore youthfulness, especially if you have associated complications like bony resorption or skin laxity.

The side effects of a facelift

It would help if you talked to your doctor about the side effects of a facelift before consenting to the surgical treatment. A facelift is a surgical procedure. There are multiple things that could go wrong during surgery, including overbreeding or infection. You must collaborate with a trusted provider to ensure you get desired results and are at risk of minimal side effects.

Your doctor understands the importance of surgical techniques like sterilization to prevent side effects. However, it would help if you relied on a certified and experienced provider to minimize the risk of surgical complications. Ensure to ask about client testimonials and pictures of previous patients to appreciate your surgeon’s skill level, thus getting encouragement to proceed with the treatment.

Considerations for a successful facelift

Your doctor must thoroughly review your family and medical history to recognize any potential risk factors for complications and thus take necessary precautions to prevent adversities. You should attend an initial consultation to receive preparation guidelines that you should perform to improve your chances of a successful facelift procedure.

Other considerations that your doctor will make to ensure the success of this facial surgery in eliminating aging signs include facial anatomy. Your doctor will develop a personalized surgical plan to ensure you get desired treatment outcomes depending on your facial features. The location of the facial nerve will also guide your surgeon’s treatment approach. The right treatment plan will minimize the risk of complications like facial paralysis. The only way to get a straightforward treatment plan is to collaborate with a certified dermatologist who will conduct necessary diagnostic tests and review your medical and family history to reveal the severity of your concerns accurately. Contact Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, to schedule a facelift appointment and enhance your youthfulness by targeting all underlying causes causing your concerns.