How A Construction Accident Lawyer in New York Will Be Able to Help You

Any construction sites in New York can always be dangerous places to work for most workers and also any visitors. Often in many cases, a person may also get injured just by walking in the construction site, where there is a chance of scaffolding or any other items may fall.

Albany construction accident lawyers are therefore available for taking up such accident cases and helping the injured person to get necessary compensation that the accident victim lawfully deserves.

What can any construction accident lawyer actually do for you? 

A construction accident lawyer in New York can help you in the following ways:

  • Helps you to provide suitable medical assistance
  • Help you to compensate your medical expenses incurred for the treatment for your injury due to the accident
  • Help you to claim your lost wages due to the accident
  • If you are married then your spouse will be eligible to claim the compensation and the lawyer can also help with that.
  • Can prepare a proper case for you to file against your employer.

Therefore, you need to contact any suitable lawyer in New York immediately after you met any accident on any construction site.

Few questions to ask your lawyer

The following are a few questions you can ask your lawyer before you hire him.

  • How long you have been practicing?

For preparing a good case it is essential that the lawyer must be qualified and also have sufficient experience in New York, fighting such cases related to construction work compensation. An experienced lawyer can also arrange the necessary witnesses for the case.

  • What can be the settlement for my type of accident?

Although, there is no guarantee, how much compensation you will be entitled to a certain accident, however, an experienced lawyer will be able to tell you an approximate figure for compensation.

  • How are you going to charge me?

Usually, in most accidental compensation cases a victim need not pay any fees as such, however, after the compensation is received, the victim has to pay the lawyer a certain percentage of that.

Therefore, it is better to clarify the same from the beginning.

  • How much out-of-pocket expense is needed for me?

Your attorneys may have to bear certain expenses for arranging witnesses and conducting lab tests, etc. Few lawyers may cover all these costs while few may deduct those costs from your compensation. You must clarify it from the lawyer.