Can Your Employer Fire You For Reporting Sexual Harassment?

One of the primary reasons employees are afraid to file a report after experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace is that employers may take retaliatory action against them. Such action may include demotions, disciplinary actions, or even wrongful termination of their employment contract. 

Several federal and state employment laws have been enforced to ensure that an employer cannot fire an employee for reporting unlawful activities such as sexual harassment in the organization. It can be distressing to know what you should do when your employer retaliates against you for exercising your rights. In such a case, the presence of a sexual harassment attorney Austin, TX, can significantly benefit you. 

What do you need to do if your employer fired you unfairly?

  • Consult a lawyer. 

Navigating a complex legal procedure is challenging when you lack the specialized knowledge and expertise a lawyer has. If your employment was terminated for reporting sexual harassment at the workplace, it is in your best interest to contact a lawyer immediately. Not only do they help you understand your rights and take measures to protect them, but they also offer you legal advice and resources that are necessary for a successful outcome of your case. 

  • Determine the best legal route. 

A lawyer can help you create and implement the most appropriate legal strategy for your situation to help you seek your rightful compensation. After analyzing the sequence of events that lead to your termination and gathering relevant evidence, you can take the right action. You may decide to negotiate with your employer for a fair settlement, file a charge with a government agency such as the EEOC to investigate your claim, or even file a lawsuit against your employer. 

  • Understand the legal remedies available for your case. 

Compensation includes reinstatement, back pay to compensate for lost income and job benefits, front pay to cover your expenses until you are able to find a new job, pain and suffering, and legal costs such as attorney fees. Your employer may also be liable to pay punitive damages. A lawyer has the experience to evaluate a fair estimate of how much your claim is worth after you consult them.

Losing a job because of your employer’s misconduct can have severe consequences on your future and affect your career development drastically. If you were terminated because you reported sexual harassment, it is necessary to take legal action against them for causing you losses. A sexual harassment lawyer in Austin understands the severity of your situation and is determined to help you attain fair compensation.