Here are the facts that you should never ignore in bathroom renovations

The bathroom can quickly become a costly endeavor, but that should not stop you from planning for a possible renovation in the future. There are some brilliant tips you can quickly put into practice. Before carrying out your project, it is advisable to research the different materials and prices. Of course, everyone wants a comfortable, beautiful environment, and especially without spending too much. It is why we have selected six cost-effective ways to renovate any bathroom. 

Good quality material

A great way to make sure the renovation does not get out of hand is to write everything down on paper. Choose a neutral tone to cover the walls and try to make different budgets before buying the material. 

Recycled furniture

These days, it is easy to anticipate a renovation or a new decor with online interior design programs. By the way, you can even test the paint color on the wall before painting. The same goes for an old piece of furniture because before throwing it in the trash, take advantage of it and renew the hue with a new color. All it takes is a good cleaning, and you will have a brand new piece.

Lighting + mirror

For a tiny dark bathroom, you might be tempted to consider adding a window. Instead, try adding extra lighting and mirroring to the room. It is a great idea, especially if you want to get a vintage-style bathroom. 

Update the paint

For a quick yet impactful fix, you should consider simply giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint. You might want to consider a vibrant color for a significant change or a dark space that would benefit from a simple white tint.

Subway style bathroom

White ceramic is very popular for lining a small bathroom. You do not need to spend a lot to modify the space, as you can stay on top of promotions and buy according to your budget.

Change the plumbing

No doubt, you need to invest in new plumbing, of course, if necessary. Then it is good to have the help of an excellent plumber to do a good job.


Perfecting the decoration of a bathroom is no longer an unnecessary luxury. A comfortable bathroom must be beautiful and welcoming, have elegant coatings, and have warm lighting. However, if you want to change the environment, bathroom and toilet renovation may be necessary. Get in touch with Renovco bathroom renovations and get your quotes online.