More About Unarmed Security Guards Including Responsibilities as per Ranger Security Agency: The Best Austin Security Guard Company.

Not every security guard employed for protection is armed, despite the fact that armed security guards are frequently the first kind of security guard that comes to mind. In actuality, a sizable percentage of security personnel worldwide are unarmed security guards. In fact, our unarmed Austin security guards can do different things and are more helpful in certain circumstances than armed Austin security guards. Our Austin security company firmly believes that the greatest choice for any individual or company looking for a dependable security plan in Austin or the neighboring cities is one or a team of our guards. Contact Ranger Security Agency today and get a free quote. Now let’s look at the main distinction between our armed and unarmed guards as well as the 5 responsibilities of our unarmed Austin security guards.

Main Distinction Between Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

The main distinction between armed and unarmed guards is the authorization to carry guns as well as training. Armed security guards carry firearms and have received specialized training so they can manage potentially fatal scenarios that may happen while they’re on the job. Armed security guards are mainly preferred in high-risk areas where having a gun would deter or help neutralize criminal activity. Unarmed security guards, on the other hand, despite not carrying a gun, are trained to offer safety and security in a variety of situations. In some situations, having unarmed security guards is preferable. In fact, the only difference in training for our unarmed Austin security guards is firearms training. They are equipped to perform different roles including first aid procedures, surveillance, communication, customer services, etc. That is why our Austin security company’s reputation is unmatched in Texas.

5 Responsibilities of Our Unarmed Austin Security Guards.

The duties of our unarmed Austin security guards go beyond the normal surveillance and watching, their job embraces different other functions. Here are some of the key responsibilities and tasks that our unarmed Austin security guards can undertake:

  • Visitor Management and Access Control. Unarmed security guards are often tasked with managing the main entry or exit points, access points, or reception areas to ensure authorized entries only. They grant or deny the passes to visitors depending on whether you have permission to enter there.
  • Patrol and Surveillance. Our unarmed Austin security guards are also trained to conduct special patrols and surveillance to ensure that an area is clear of any unusual activity, unauthorized intruders, or potential hazards for accidents or security breaches happening. These patrols have to be undertaken at regular intervals in order to be sure that everything that is happening there is in order.
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response. Our Austin security company always ensures that our guards are prepared, educated, and competent to assist in emergencies such as fire outbreaks, medical incidents, or even security breaches. Our guards are trained on how to respond in the shortest time possible without escalating the situation further.
  • Customer Service and Assistance. Unarmed security guards are the face of a company and they are the first point of contact with visitors, employees, customers, residents, etc. They offer help, information, and direction when necessary making the atmosphere a friendly one while still ensuring that security policies and procedures are duly followed.
  • Documentation and Incident Reporting. Imagine a security breach, disturbance, or lapse occurring in your company. The security guard will be the first one to note such a thing and will have first-hand information. Our unarmed Austin security guards are trained to always document and report any incident immediately. These reports entail information such as the type of the incident the names of the people involved in the incident and the steps taken to solve the problem.

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