Bath and Body Works Wallflowers

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Black Conical Wallflower Fragrance Plug

Fragrances are to be kept or stored in glass cases or containers or bottles. The main reason why glass is chosen is, that any other material would only destabilize the fragrance, and especially, if it is alcohol based.  Being quite costlier, the fragrance is sold in lesser quantities and hence the small size of the bottles. The black conical plug is a small glass bottle encased partially along with the cover in black ensemble. With electrical plug provided, you can insert this into your wall socket and switch it on to enjoy the fragrance of your choice, all day through. Ensure you keep the bottle upright!

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Warm Vanilla Sugar Wallflowers Fragrance Refill

A small bottle with 24ml. of fragrance liquid, is used to refill your Wallflower plugs. As soon as you finish refilling, and if some liquid is left over in the bottle, ensure you close the cap air tight. Otherwise, the liquid will evaporate or the fragrance will just vanish! Who doesn’t love vanilla? The taste of vanilla ice cream or chocolate itself makes you jump up and feel bright and happy. Similarly, the fragrance of vanilla will make you enjoy the surroundings and help uplift your moods! With sugary smell lingering in the air, sweet shall be your thoughts and actions, all through the day!

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Golden Pineapple Wallflowers Fragrance Plug

The wall plug is shaped just like a pineapple fruit but miniature in size! Golden hue makes the device more attractive! Fill the pineapple shaped bottle with your choicest Wallflower fragrance and plug the device into the wall socket of your living room or bedroom or even your office room. Enjoy the fragrance to soothe your feelings, while you relax at home or work at office! The plug helps the fragrance to spread out slowly and evenly so that you don’t feel the rush of the fragrance but only the lingering smell. Just in case the plug overheats, you have a mechanism built in for safety, which will shut down the device automatically. Chances are bleak though! The plugs should last for at least 2 years!

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Succulent Plant Trio Wallflowers Fragrance Plug

The Succulent Trio Wallflowers plug is used to insert it into your wall socket, but not before attaching your favorite fragrance refill. To attach, you need to twist the plug counterclockwise and to detach twist it in clockwise direction. Ensure that there is at least a foot length clearance all around the plugged fragrance. Sometimes, the oils may spill over which may cause damage to the items kept nearby. The Succulent plug has trendy succulents along with textured planter that looks natural.

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